A new school year is a great time to develop new habits to achieve your goals. Why not include some ways to be kind to yourself and the planet? 

1. Choose to reuse

Make it a habit to always have a reusable water bottle with you – you can refill it at multiple locations on campus. Besides being a green practice, it also motivates you to stay hydrated. 

Blue Friendlier containers with food on left image. Green O2GO container and reusable cutlery on right image.

When eating on campus, take part in #ReuseHumber by purchasing meals in reusable containers available at the North Residence Café, Street Café, Staff Lounge, Lake Café, and L Commons Eatery.  

2. Spend your money more mindfully

Reflect on how your purchases impact you, producers and retailers. Being mindful at the time of purchase means you are taking into consideration not only the cost, but also how the product aligns with your values. 

Indigenous-owned Fair Trade Birch Bark coffee. Picture from Birch Bark website.

Choose products within your budget that have positive social and environmental impact. When shopping for groceries and coffee, for example, look for the Fair Trade certification. Buying products from local shops is a great way to support small business owners and artists.  

3. Take sustainable transportation

Depending on your travel distance, weather conditions, and transportation infrastructure, you can choose from a range of sustainable transportation to get to school, work, and more. 

Person reading a book on the bus. Photo by Alexander Isreb on Pexels.com

Walking or biking are great exercise and allow you to stay outdoors for a bit longer. Taking public transit gives you the opportunity to read, listen to music, or get some work done during the commute. If you prefer to drive, try carpooling and share the cost of gas and parking. 

4. Unplug gadgets

When you are done studying and working for the day, unplug computers from the power outlet to save energy. 

White power cords. Photo by Karolina Grabowska on Pexels.com

Likewise, try to disconnect from technology a few minutes a day to give your eyes and mind a rest. 

5. Sort your waste

Take some time to learn how to properly sort your waste at home (each city has its own waste sorting system) and on campus! 

Paper waste bin full of paper. Photo by SHVETS production on Pexels.com

Did you know you can also dispose of PPE, pens, and batteries on campus?

Let us know which habits are already part of your daily routine and which ones you want to adopt. 

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