Solitude in nature is fortitude

By Cris Corbito

Have you ever felt lonely, stressed, or overwhelmed because of your studies, work, or personal conflicts?

You are about to turn off your phone, but someone is calling. It is not a ring from your phone that you hear; it is the whisper of Mother Nature summoning you to reconnect with her. 

River in a forest, surrounded by moss, rocks, and ferns.
Photo by Pixabay on

Nature is calling, and it is time for you to answer her call. Solitude in nature is fortitude. These are the main reasons why you should spend time in nature:

1. A Mood Booster

Did you know that spending time in nature can increase your well-being and emotional capacity? According to a research study, spending at least two hours per week in nature can benefit your mental health.

Two hours may seem like a lot of time to set aside but treat it like an investment. Consider the hours you spend mindlessly. Why not redirect those hours to forest bathing?

Go to your nearest local park or woods and immerse yourself in nature. Replace loud thoughts with the subtle sounds of running water and rattling leaves. Let your body enjoy the relaxation benefits that nature renders you. Unwind religiously, and you will be in awe at how liberating it is. Above all, it is a free calming exercise you can easily access, what are you waiting for?

It can even make you more cheerful and peaceful.

2. Good for Physical Health

Spending time in nature aids your physical health. Backed up with science, forest bathing can strengthen muscles and bones, reduce health risks, enhance longevity, and even encourage weight loss!

3. Disconnect to Reconnect

The objective of spending time with nature is to disconnect from your daily endeavours and reconnect to a soothing and comforting environment. Being solitary in nature is not the same as being lonesome. In nature, you can reconnect with the elements of nature, the different varieties of fauna and flora, and sustainability-minded stewards.

Pond at Humber Arboretum in the Fall with trees in the background.
Photo by Justin Ho


Live in the present time, and do not forget to unwind for some time. You deserve the breaks. Always remember that it is better to be nurtured by nature!

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